edition offenburg

  • Leçons pour la Basse generale by Christian Ernst Graaf, first modern edition with new figures and realization of the figured bass by Jan Devlieger
  • Green Sleeves to a Ground from The Division flute (​Anonymus) Revisited in three parts for Treble Recorder (Flute), Viola da gamba (Cello) and Basso continuo by Jan Devlieger
  • 12 Concertos in Seven Parts arranged by Charles Avisson (1770) from Harpsichord Sonates by Domenico Scarlatti / Basso continuo realization by Jan Devlieger (Book 1-6)
  • Suite à deux Clavecins, HWV 446, Georg Friederich Händel, Rekonstruktion von Jan Devlieger
  • Stabat Mater, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, bearbeitet von Jan Devlieger, erscheint im kürze 

Les Editions du Nord - Golden River Music

  • Sonatina, TWV 41: a4, Telemann  / J. Devlieger (Bass)
  • Concerto in d minor for recorder, strings and basso continuo after concerto in a minor, RV 522, A. Vivaldi
  • Six Dominos for two harpsichords, Fr. Couperin / J. Devlieger
  • La Battaglia for two harpsichords, C. H. Graun / J. Devlieger
  • Händel for four hands (piano): Air, Hornpipe, Cara sposa & The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  • Pachelbel for four hands (piano), Canon and Gigue

MUSICA REPARTITA / Drs. J. H. Van Krevelen, Kon. Wilhelminaweg 433, NL-3737 BD GROENEKAN, Utrecht, the Netherlands
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  • Suite à deux Clavecins, Harpsichord I: G. Fr. Händel, Harpsichord II: J. Devlieger, serie New Early Music MR 2001
  • The Submission and other dances from Kellom Tomlinson. The tunes by John Loeillet and settings by Jan Devlieger for Strings, Harpsichord and optional Woodwind Instruments, serie New Early Music MR 2003             
  • 4 Menuets for 2 harpsichords arranged by Jan Devlieger after François Krafft, serie New Early Music MR 2015


  • ‘Reflection on a tune by Mr. Loeillet for string quartet’, Etcetera KTC 1434
  • Arrangements on CD Around Van Eyck, Ardalus, Phaedra 68
  • ‘An Italian Ground’, R. Carr J. Devlieger (Bass), The Delightful Companion, Aliud
  • 4 Menuets for 2 harpsichords arranged by Jan Devlieger after François Krafft, Phaedra 89

In music magazines

  • Muziekbijlage in ‘het Clavecimbel’ tijdschrift van de Stichting Clavecimbel Genootschap Nederland SCGN, jaargang 20, nummer 2, november 2013:‘Passepied Round O’ voor klavecimbel
  • Muziekbijlage in ‘Blokfluitist’ Aafab blokfluitcentrum (Utrecht), jaargang 6, nummer 3, september 2014: ‘The Submission, Entrée & Canary’ voor blokfluitkwartet